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PeepholeIn South Korea, you can buy just about anything from vending machines, short of a live animal. And that's not exaggerating by much. One popular item is worn women's panties, though admittedly, that's not limited to Korea. It occurs in other Asian countries as well. 

What does all this have to do with labels? Well, we're not saying that men in Korea are any more perverted than men anywhere else, but there is this popular sport involving men drilling teeny, tiny peepholes in the walls of ladies' public bathroom stalls, and then installing teeny, tiny spy cameras in those holes. They use them for, er, live entertainment purposes that, in the American vernacular, involves the corporal punishment of small simians or asphyxiating poultry. (Sorry, we're not going to just right come out and sayit.) 

That's why the first thing most South Korean women do when entering public toilets these days  is search them for cameras, which may present as innocent-looking little spots on the wall or as suspicious holes. Smart ladies carry special kits that include pressure-sensitive stick-on labels they can use to cover suspected cameras, limiting their possibility of becoming the accidental stars of live sex shows.

Sadly, the spy cam schtick isn't limited to just toilets. Locker rooms, clothing store dressing rooms, swimming pool change rooms, and other such private places have been invaded by this "spy cam epidemic"—anywhere women, or occasionally men, undress for any reason. Often, salacious videos are posted on pornographic websites so the losers who collect them can share their illness.

The perpetrators who use public spaces for their sick pleasure usually take down the spy cams within a quarter-hour of installing them, having gotten what they want. Police in cities like Seoul know they're there, or have beenthere, but have yet to find a single camera in their sweeps. The perpetrators are too smart and too fast. 

Our intention here is not to make light of this perversion. By no means. This situation isn't amusing in the least, not in a country with the highest cellphone usage rate in the world, where it's easy to film and easy to post those videos. The men who do so rarely face punishment, while some of the women are so humiliated by the videos that they kill themselves. 

If you're a woman living or visiting South Korea, we recommend you carry a simple label kit with you everywhere you go, for those times when you need to use public facilities like the ones discussed here. Use the labels to cover up any blemishes you may find in the walls before doing your business, so as to prevent a pervert from getting his jollies. Although the deviants can easily come in later to remove the labels, this is a simple, inexpensive method that will work long enough to protect you from indecent violation by predators. 

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