V Steam labelsLook out, world, there's another wholesome cleansing process in town specifically for women: v-steaming. In this case, V is short for vagina; and as you might have guessed, vagina-steaming involves using an herbal  steaming process on one's hoo-ha for detoxification purposes. As a man, until recently I had never heard of this treatment, since we have no male equivalent. I guess we don't need one.

Of course, the body detoxes naturally via sweat and toilet activities. If you eat healthy, bathe regularly,  and exercise, that's all you really need.… but don't tell that to Hollywood.

V-steaming is serious business in the spa and alternative medicine communities. A number of different herbal blends are used, depending on one's needs. Also known as yoni steaming, it comes to us via Asia, Africa, and Central America, where it's been in use for years.  Proponents include model Chrissy Teigen (who recently posted a completely non-revealing Instagram photo of her trying it) and Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Stark's love interest in the Iron Man and Avengers movies. As Ms. Teigen put it, she didn't know if it would work, but "can't hurt, right?" 

In the world of labels, we've never seen anything like the new DYI V-steaming products before. These herbal mixes do remind us a bit of potpourri mixtures. The herbs involved include basil, mugwort, rosemary, and wormwood in various admixtures, as well as other all-natural ingredients thought to promote the body's healing process. Among other things, v-steaming is said to cleanse, treat cramps, and clear up any discharge and, possibly, yeast infections.

Whether it works or not, we can't say. But whatever product you decide on, be sure not to sit too close to the steam, lest it scald you. A foot should be sufficient. Spas generally have special chairs to elevate the treatment area above the danger zone while still receiving the full therapeutic benefits. 

Until you need your v-steaming herbs, we suggest you preserve them and their potency in the safest  place possible: a freezer or refrigerator. The materials are already dried, and this will keep them from falling prey to any molds or fungi that might invade. That's why if you make v-steaming products, you should use our freezer labels, to ensure maximum freshness. You can't afford to expose the yonis you're trying to cleanse to detrimental organisms.