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Cannabis Labels Well, okay, few people ever used custom printed labels for their packaging back when cannabis products were of dubious legality, but what's a little poetic license among friends? The fact is, now that marijuana and other cannabis products are legal in much of the U.S. and Canada for medical and recreational use, cannabis has become just another commodity to be labeled. Now there are many types of packages that do need custom cannabis labels, with taxes to be collected, contents and ingredients to be declared, competition to deal with, and even special protections required for the packaging. Some states even need specific assurances of strength of the CBD or THC in the product. Because of those reasons, you can't just use any old label to ID or seal a package for many of these products; not to mention that cannabis oils can defeat many everyday product and sheet labels. This is true even for freezer labels, though ours are already prepared for this eventuality.

Nowadays, folks in most regions have at least some access to cannabis medications, creams, straight oils (for vape pipes, for example), candy and other confections, and even plain buds and other plant parts for making your own blunts. Many contain some level of oils that can erode not only paper substrates, but defeat the stickiness of adhesives. What you need is special plastic and metallic custom labels with oil-resistant adhesives that will still stick despite the inevitable spills and dribbles. It's a pain to be unable to tell your products apart just because a spillage made some labels slip off. 

At Etiquette Systems, we're fully aware of the needs for cannabis packaging, which we have provided since Nevada (and the rest of the West Coast) legalized recreational cannabis several years ago. We know exactly the kinds of substrates and adhesives you need to get the job done, whether you provide cannabis confections (including delicious baked goods), skin creams, or vape oils. We've also become aware of the need for labels with fold-over tabs to help you protect your products and ensure they remain sealed. Without them, some customers might open a jar for a free sample, which you definitely want to avoid. With these labels, we can help you tell whenever a package has been opened, protecting both you and your customers.

The cannabis label industry is fairly new, but we got in on the ground floor and can provide labels for every sort of product, including preparations for medical treatments. Even if your state has not yet legalized marijuana use at some level, we're poised to provide cannabis labels of all kinds when they do. Keep us in mind when your state finally gives you the option to use cannabis as medication, or for recreational use. We can have custom labels or blank labels for enterprising cannabis product manufacturers ready for you within days, at an excellent price.

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