Etiquette Systems is in operation during the present crisis as an essential manufacturer supplying the medical, food, and distribution industries. We will be prioritizing labels that support these industries, please inform us if your order falls into this category. COVID-19 Labels

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veganIt was with some surprise that we learned of a British tribunal's ruling, on January 3, 2020, that ethical veganism was a philosophical lifestyle similar to religion, and as such was due all the considerations pertaining thereunto. Sounds to us like another reason to respect the natural word, as the current COVID-19 pandemic is reminding everyone. If you're wondering, ethical vegans avoid not just all animal food products, but anything that exploits animals, including honey, milk, and clothing made of wool or leather. We're glad to hear it, because this opens up many opportunities for custom label printers like us. Though ethical veganism may be difficult to maintain while COVID-19 rages, when everything settles down, new ethical vegan labels — clothing labelsfood labels, some beverage labelsand more — will no doubt hit the market, to many people's relief.

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