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Popsicle Labels

Popsicle LabelsWhile we love all our creations equally, we get a special kick out of making popsicle labels. I mean, who doesn't love popsicles? They're the epitome of summer fun, and they keep people from keeling over from the heat. Just making something that refreshes people, keeps them healthy, and makes them happy is enough to make us happy, too. And hungry for popsicles. We love ice cream, sure but there's just something about frozen pops and juice that makes it different. And it's more portable than most ice cream, especially in the heat, and might last longer if were given the opportunity—but who takes longer than a couple of minutes to eat a popsicle?

Even if it does take longer, and the popsicle melts onto the label, you can be sure the cold and moisture won't mess up that popsicle label if we made it… so if someone needs evidence later on regarding who ate that last blueberry popsicle (darn it), then they can find out without too much trouble. Or, they can look to see whose lips and tongue are blue. That ought to work too.

Custom printed popsicle labels have certain technical requirements, given the moisture often found in freezer environments, the melting that threatens if you don't eat your popsicle quick, and the tendency of the cold to deaden some adhesives and render them non-sticky. Fortunately, custom popsicle labels aren't a real challenge for Etiquette Systems, since we're experts at making all kinds of freezer labels, and have been for years. (Check out our special Freezer Labels site.) We've got freezer labels down cold, you might say: we know the right inks, adhesives, and base materials to use for labels to handle all temperature ranges, from the barely-frozen like popsicles to the truly chilly environment of medical cryogenics.

Since popsicles are supposed to be fun, we know you need bright colors and happy text that you can bet we take into account when working on your custom popsicle labels. We can also apply our talents to printing your popsicle boxes and other containers, ensuring your logo is instantly obvious to your customers. After all, sometimes those freezers are a little fogged up by all that condensation! And don't worry: we take condensation into account for all popsicle labels, whether individual or box. We know you don't want an errant drip or drop to smear or obscure your popsicle labels, so we make them tough and durable, with the best materials for the environment that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Unless you want to spend an arm and leg—in which case, we'll be happy to oblige!

And going back to ice cream: if we can make popsicle labels, and we can, then we can make labels for your ice cream, frozen yogurt, and frozen fudge bars and their containers. Just saying, in case you decide you want to branch out when it comes to your product line.

Okay, enough drooling into the keyboard, I'm going to have a popsicle! Maybe two.

Sugar and Spice

Unique Beverage LabelsAs a mom raising a teenage girl, I often find myself standing in the aisle at Target trying to pick something out for my daughter that she will accept from me. Whether it's deodorant, teeth whitening strips, acne medication, makeup wipes, protein bars or a tasty beverage the more unique the packaging and labeling the better chance I have that she will receive my choice with the words, "Wow Mom this is pretty cool, thanks!"  Instead of,  "Why did you buy THAT"?

Even though we females do not like to openly admit it, "pretty packaging" means something to us. The more unique the packaging and labeling, the more we ladies gravitate towards a product. Now don't get me wrong, price is always an important part of the equation as well. No matter how attractively a product is packaged and labeled if the price is sky high it's a deal breaker. But if the price is comparable then pretty and unique looking will win every time. It's not rocket science, it's just nature. When I shop for my daughter, I apply this principle in the hopes that I won't end up returning what I bought for her and I must say 9 out of 10 times it works like a charm!  After all doesn't the nursery rhyme say that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice! 

Floating Away

Louisiana is having a problem, due to torrential downpours coffins are floating away. It is definitely an odd problem, in fact it's a little bit sad. I started thinking about how the coffins and the remains inside we're being identified and returned to their peaceful resting place? I know that many coffins have plaques attached identifying who's inside, but what about those that DON'T? Even those that do, may be so corroded from time and the elements that they are no longer a viable means of identification. Coffins from many years ago or coffins where there was little money to add identification plaques create a serious problem! How do you return people's loved ones if you can't identify who they are?

A simple and affordable solution... affix durable, long lasting, WATERPROOF labels that won't corrode over time or float away if your loved ones do!

Freezer Labels

IMG 5763There are so many options at the grocery store that sometimes I feel overwhelmed! I often stand in the meat freezer department staring for endless minutes at all my choices for sausage, bacon, hamburger, pork chops and the list goes on. So what helps me make my final purchase... packaging. Packaging can make or break it for me. If the label on the item I am purchasing looks unprofessional then I assume that the product within the packaging follows the same lesser than standard. My assumption may be erroneous but nevertheless, I am NOT buying ANY product that has a peeling, crumpled, cheap looking label!

This being said, it seems appropriate to claim that all freezer labels must not be created equal. As the name itself suggests, freezer labels are SPECIALTY labels made specifically for use in frigid environments. Different types of cold environments obviously require different types of labels. So, if you need the BEST possible freezer labels to be sure your packaging holds up to the highest standards ( including the standards of this stay-at-home mom), you've come to the right place!

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