Learn About Health Care Labels

Learn About Health Care Labels

There are few situations in which it's more important that labeling is correct than in the healthcare industry. Every doctor's office, clinic, and hospital needs healthcare labels and lab labels that it can count on not only to be accurate, but also not to discolor, abrade, tear, peel, or detach. Lab labels in particular must meet a variety of very special requirements, given the environments in which they're used. Laboratory conditions can mean that lab labels are susceptible to being shock-frozen, stained, or even wrapped around the smallest test tube circumferences, which can interfere with their readability.

In addition to being tough and resistant to mechanical distortion or tearing, both lab labels and healthcare labels also have to adhere permanently to whatever they're attached to. Nonetheless, great care has to be taken with the adhesives used: for example, label adhesives should be compatible with the latex gloves used in most healthcare situations, so they don't stick too aggressively to their surfaces. Healthcare labels that won't release from latex when needed are useless to the doctors, nurses, and lab personnel who depend on them.

At Etiquette Systems, we're experts in the production of healthcare labels of all kinds. Our labels won't stick to your gloves, but you can be sure they'll stick to your test tubes -- and they'll stay there, no matter what you put them through. In fact, our labels will still be legible and scannable even after staining, or after being put through zylene procedures. Examples of labels we can provide include:

  • Latex friendly test tube labels
  • Carbon transfer labels
  • Pharmaceutical or biomedical labels


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