Seafood Labels

Seafood Labels

Dolly Parton once joked, "I'm on a seafood diet. I see food, I eat it." But there's "see food," and there's "seafood"! We especially love the latter. Who doesn't like shrimp scampi cooked in garlicky butter sauce, or tasty wood-grilled lobster tail, or crab legs dipped in clarified butter… okay, enough drooling.

If you live farther than a few dozen miles from the ocean, you depend on others to import your seafood—and that mostly means refrigeration and freezing. So if you're a fan of real seafood, or better yet if you package it, you'll surely appreciate our seafood labels. Like all freezer labels, seafood labels have to be tough enough to handle abrasion, subzero cold, and moisture from frost and condensation.

Fish and other seafood just begs for good, accurate custom labels for several reasons. In addition to basic ID, seafood labels must warn against any potential health issues, list where the seafood is sourced, and show whether the fishery is sustainable. The first is a federal requirement; the others are demanded by consumers. That's why custom-printed seafood labels are so important.

Nowadays, people are much more likely to buy a seafood product if it has a sustainable seafood label or a custom wild-caught seafood label on the package—and they'll pay a higher price for the product, too. They also like to know if a product was raised in a seafood farm, so custom printed farmed seafood labels are also important. Bold, well-printed farmed seafood labels are crucial here.

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies whether a wild fishery is sustainable, so look for a Marine Stewardship Council logo with its bold blue checkmark You'll see a lot of MSC labels behind seafood counters these days.

Custom printed fish labels are also handy because most people can't tell fish apart just by looking. Different fish, even related ones, have different flavors and edibility levels. Then there are all those fish steaks, fillets, and chunks. Tilapia? Swordfish? Great white shark? Nemo? Who knows without the right fish labels?

If there's anything we know here at Etiquette Systems, it's freezer labels. So: if you need some great labels for your lobsters or crab-legs, tell us your requirements, and we'll "get cracking" on the quote!