Craft Beer Labels

Craft Beer Labels

Most beer drinkers have had the experience of "peeling the label"—that is, of sitting there chatting with someone or finding yourself deep in thought, whereupon, for some reason, you start peeling the label of the bottle of beer you're drinking. If you're like me, something became glaringly obvious pretty quickly: that most beer labels are thin paper, glued to the bottle with lines of paste. The label peeling ideal is to get the entire beer bottle label off whole, especially without leaving any residue... but we all know how unlikely that is. In their effort to conquer the effects of cold and moisture, most beer manufacturers use enough glue on their el-cheapo beer labels to weld the Titanic together. Maybe the think it'll help keep maintain the structural integrity of the bottle.

This is one reason I'm fond of craft beers: small batch beers also called microbrews. Not only are these beers tasty, often unique, and almost always top-quality, craft beers use classier labels than Big Beer. Not only that, they offer far more variety. The big three are all pilsner beers, which is a fine, light brew for the hot summer but doesn't have the warm chewiness of a good stout or porter, the quintessential winter beers. With craft beers, you can drink something different every day for a month and not even made the rounds of all the different types of beer.

It's understandable that Budweiser and their counterparts use flimsy labels glued on by machines, because they've pretty much cornered the American beer market and need to save money. Their bottles aren't so high-quality, either. They need millions of each annually, after all. But craft beers are more likely to go straight into kegs for bar-room tapping, and even when they're bottled, you rarely see more than a few thousand at a time. That's the ideal situation for a premium, pressure sensitive custom-printed beer label, with a quality image, a quality name (and the inventors do come up with some good ones), and quality bottles for a quality beverage that sooths and refreshes. Even though, admittedly, we've seen craft beer labels that claim ingredients as relatively normal as jalapenos to as unusual as stone crab claws and beard yeast.

Our craft beer labels are special, because not only are they easy to apply, whether you need a few dozens or thousands, but they're highly resistant to the cold and moisture—including the classic barroom condensation—that all bottled beers face. Our beer sheet labels start out as freezer-quality labels, which mean neither rain nor cold nor gloom of ice will stay them from their appointed rounds. And hey—if the beer buyer wants to peel one, it'll be a lot easier to get it off in one piece, whether it's a body label or a long-neck beer label.

Cheapie glued-on beer labels won't do for your liquid gold. Look to Etiquette Systems for the best beer labels you'll ever find, whether you want us to print them for you or you decide to do it yourself.

Beer Labels

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