Coffee Labels

Coffee Labels

These days, the market for coffee—and therefore for coffee labels—is as vibrant and diverse as it's ever been. In fact, because coffee is a wonderfully variable beverage, there's a demand for custom coffee labels of many types. The exotic and expensive Kopi Luwak, the small-batch, single source, fair-trade beans of the boutique producer, and mass-market Arabica breakfast blends alike need their specialty coffee bag labels and custom printed coffee container labels. We're happy to help. With its wonderful aroma and rejuvenative powers, coffee's one of our favorite caffeine delivery systems.

Despite the fact that there's a Starbucks on every corner, the consumer can still find a wealth of other options that fit not just individual tastes, but individual social values as well. Unlike many custom food labels, a coffee label is far more than just a way to identify your favorite brand and the amount of the coffee, by weight, in the container. With a properly printed coffee container label, you can tell at a glance the depth of roast (light, medium, and dark), where the coffee was grown, how it was grown, whether the farmers were fairly treated and well paid for their nectar, whether the beans were grown in a sustainable way or under a forest canopy, how high on the mountain they were grown (the higher the better!)—and sometimes, even more. International standard symbols for all these types of coffee exist, and must be included on coffee container labels to help the buyer find what he or she is looking for.

Custom printed specialty coffee labels may also include additional information, such as whether special ingredients were added to jazz up the flavor or make it unusual (like hazelnut extract or chili powder), and even if it underwent any special processes, like decaffeination or passage through a civet cat's digestive system (the secret to Indonesian Kopi Luwak's unique tang).

The "format" of the coffee is also important. Most Americans are used to ground coffee, but folks elsewhere in the world, as well as some American connoisseurs, prefer it in bean form that they can grind fresh. Custom printed coffee bean labels make that form of coffee instantly obvious. And while beans and ground coffee alike tend to come in bags, manufacturers of all sizes increasingly need coffee labels for single-cup containers, like the "K-cups" sized to fit Keurig coffee makers and similar machines—possibly the greatest innovation in caffeine-extraction technology since the French press. We can easily provide adhesive coffee labels for such containers, either for the lids or sides of the K-cups. We can also provide coffee labels for lids of larger containers like the pound and half-pound cans produced by some manufacturers, in addition to the wide variety of custom-printed coffee bag labels we offer.

Most coffee labels are made of paper, since they tend to be discarded soon after purchase, with ordinary inks and adhesives designed to handle dry conditions in a normal range of temperatures. We can provide coffee labels in quantities large and small, in a pleasing variety of shapes to match your needs to a "T," and we'll work closely with you to help produce a design for your custom printed coffee labels that reaches out and pulls people in nearly as well as the exquisite aroma of your fresh, piquant roast.

So isn't it about time to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to affordable coffee labels? Try Etiquette Systems!

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