Hot Sauce Labels

Hot Sauce Labels

Besides chocolate, beans, and corn, peppers and tomatoes are probably America's biggest contributions to the world food supply. It's been less than six hundred years since their introduction to the Old World, and entire cuisines have been built around them. For example, both tomatoes and peppers are prime ingredients of hot sauces worldwide, and their popularity among foodies has led to the widespread need for custom printed hot sauce bottle labels.

Hot sauce bottle labels need to be tougher than many food labels, for two reasons: the oils in the peppers used in the sauces, and the fact that hot sauce labels have to stand up to both room temperature and refrigerated environments. The pepper oils—not surprisingly to aficionados! —can be hard on food labels, since they're acidic and sometimes slightly corrosive. The moisture and oils in spilled hot sauce can also loosen adhesives, as well as cause inks on poorly made hot sauce bottle labels to smear and fade. You definitely don't want that to obscure your branding efforts! Similarly, moving bottles in and out of the refrigerator can cause hot sauce labels to develop condensation, again causing the labels to loosen and smear if they're not made right.

Our hot sauce labels are made right. We can provide them in various materials, from standard paper labels to BOPP hot sauce labels that can stand up to the toughest hot sauce attack, even from those scary sauces made from peppers high on the Scoville scale. While we'll gladly help you with custom printed hot sauce bottle labels, if you prefer blank hot sauce labels to print on your own printers, we can provide those, too.

If you really want to attract attention, may we suggest clear hot sauce labels that fade into the background, leaving your logo and branding obvious and easy to read? Metallic hot sauce bottle labels are also popular, since they attract your customers to your product's presence while also alerting the faint-of-heart of its gentle warmth.

And don't forget to include nutritional labels and ingredients labels for your hot sauce bottles, because you'll want people to know what they're getting into!