The Purpose of Labelling

The purpose of labeling is to make our lives easier. Labels help us to conveniently identify and organize our possessions. Most of us take labels for granted, but that’s something we’ll never do at Etiquette Systems. Labels are our lifeblood, so we’re quite knowledgeable about the purpose of labeling. Labels make life easy!

Humans love easy and labels make life easy. When it comes to identifying the items we use regularly, we require labels. This applies to the products we buy at the supermarket as well. Labels help us find what we’re looking for as soon as possible. Who doesn’t love that? The purpose of labeling is to save us time by eliminating guesswork. The only thing easier than a label would be a mind reader handing you everything you are looking for. You’ve decided to start labeling your items, there are some techniques for creating the best labels.

All labels should clearly state, in easy-to-read script, what is inside the package the label is attached to. From handwritten labels in your pantry, to the label on your homemade strawberry preserves, or custom printed labels for consumer products and even labels for warehousing use; clear font is very important. If you or others cannot read it, it may as well not even be labeled. Now that you have a clear font, your label may require some special information.

Stating the contents is a great purpose of labeling but different products may require more information. The label for your homemade strawberry preserves should contain the date of canning. This is similar to the “best by” date we find on grocery items. Some commercial products require an ingredients list, nutritional facts, sourcing information, directions for use, warnings and of course the brand name and logo. All this label information is also useful in workplace settings.

Inventory systems in scientific, medical or industrial settings also benefit from the purpose of labeling. Clearly marked labels can help an operation run smoothly. With a good label system in place, you can send any person into your warehouse to find an item quickly. This is efficient and easy. Think on libraries and how their well implemented Dewey Decimal system makes finding a book a breeze. Today, our labels can contain barcodes and RFID tags making them very modern. Yet the motivation remains the same: ease and simplicity.

Labels are an important medium of communication that few people recognize as such—possibly more important than radio and television. A well-placed label announcing the presence of peanuts in a dish could save a life. If labels are not the most important communication medium: they are certainly of the most immediate use. Overall, the purpose of labeling is to make your life easy. We all love easy!