What Our Customers Are Saying
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Kevin Bennett - President
Etiquette Systems does a wonderful job for us. We’ve used their services for years and we are amazed at how well the product holds up in harsh marine environments. Quality products and on time. What more could you ask for?
Sandy Bender
I could not have been more pleased with your service. It was efficient and user friendly and our warehouse said the labels worked perfectly. We will recommend you to anyone and have given you name to our warehouse to keep as a reference. Stay safe and strong in Las Vegas.
Tricia Symons - Go Raw Pet Food
I received your message and they labels are great! I’m happy about having blank ones because I’ve been able to change the details on the labels a few times to achieve exactly what we need. I will be returning to you in a few months for more, thank you for guiding me in this very important process for our company.
Enrique Balderas - FROZUN
I want to thank you for your complete understanding of the urgency for us to secure the labels in a timely manner. You and Grecia did an exceptional job in leading me through your company's process to get the labels finalized. The product worked out great and we were able to meet our deadlines accordingly. Once again, thank you for all of your attention and immediate attention to our needs. I plan to be in constant touch with you as we continue to move forward with our developing business.
Susan J
Good morning Bogdan! The labels arrived last night, and they are just beautiful and exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much, and please keep our info in the system--hoping my new little biz is going to take off! All best to you,
You guys are pro. Got the labels, thank you. We appreciate the extra effort. Sorry for the fire drill, we are still tiny and scrappy.
The Justice Homestead
I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know how much we love the labels! I appreciate all of you help throughout the process and look forward to continued business with you in the future!
Best Regards, Lindsey Justice
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how awesome you are! The labels are PERFECT and arrived just on time! Thanks to you I had no unhappy customers waiting for back orders. You are the BEST! Thanks again
T. Hovard
Just wanted to drop and note and thank you for rolling out our complicated and last-minute print jobs over the past several weeks. All the labels worked out 110% and our clients are very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. In fact, this project has saved several of our private label accounts. Thanks again and I look forward to our continued working relationship.
Heather Hughes
Thank you and glad to be able to use your resources. Just as a compliment to your service I have to say that you were one of the very few providers who was always prompt and thorough with your response. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find that level of courteous professionalism these days! Ill email you soon with the details you requested! Enjoy your day,
Deborah Waugh, Cosmic Pops
You are the best pal! Thanks so much. It is a pleasure working with such a professional, who takes as much pride in their job as I. Be back in touch ASAP! Have a grand day!!
Carl Combs, Sable Systems International Inc.
First I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service I have received from Etiquette Systems. Being taken care of by you has made me want to buy all of your products just to continue to feel like I am the only customer you have! It is good to see excellent customer service... very rare these days!
I called you on Friday just to thank you and tell you that you are the greatest. The labels arrived on time and they look magnificent. Our processor called a crew in on the weekend and stuck them on all the stock we needed for today's trade show. You truly saved the day. Thanks again. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and a man of principle in an industry that is often (sadly) not known for it. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Meantime, if there is a website where I can place a review or if you would like me to craft a letter of recommendation I would be more than happy to do so. Best regards
Edward Lukosavich
The labels are fantastic, and they have perfectly combined or integrated with the other aspects of our product to make up a sensational new product for us. Thank you again for all of your hard work on this. Thank you,
Sylvia Turley
We received the labels yesterday and got to try them today. We love them! They look good and work well for our purposes. Thanks for all your help!!
Benjamin Castor, TWI
Just received the pallet stickers. They look great. Really appreciate your help and support throughout this. I will be in touch if we continue with this marketing platform for our company for future orders. Thanks. Regards,
The labels worked out absolutely perfectly! They look great, were the perfect size, the rolls (vs. sheets) were very handy, and we received them right on time! Thanks you so much for all your help. Thanks again
Bill Paryniuk
I received the labels today and am very pleased with the way they turned out. Much appreciated. You were also very pleasant to deal with and would recommend you without question. Don't throw away the designs for these labels. The paddles will take off and I will require more in the future. Regards
Alan, Monsieur Touton Selections Ltd. New York, NY
Thanks again for your help! I am very glad I found your company! When I get these label requests, they are always an emergency. Your range of material is very helpful. I never find the right size, let alone the right substrate. I will contact you for all of these needs from now on. Thank you again for being so helpful, you have a new customer!
Kyle Fairfield, E-CARD
Just received the decals for the Kwantlen job you ran for us, and they look amazing! Fit is perfect too. Many thanks, I look forward to getting the others also. Take care,
Maria Lindemann, AffiniPay
The stickers are here and they look great - thank you thank you thank you! We look forward to sending you any future business. Hope all is well! Thanks again,
Melissa, Sought Out Salmon
The labels are perfect! They look so good on the cans! It took a little bit to figure how to put them on right - to make them match in the back. The two together (circle and front) go so well! We got them Friday night, and Craig took them off to market yesterday, and sold several cans, with many remarks on how nice they look. Thanks for all your help. I'll send what you asked tomorrow, and try to get you a pic of a pretty can.
Dinah Grossman, Cheap Tart Bakery
I just wanted to let you know that we got the stickers this morning and got them off to our client. They're fantastic! You were so much help through the whole hectic process. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what everyone else deemed the impossible. Best,
Judy DePuy Director of Product Marketing Serious Materials, Inc.
The window stickers are an absolute hit w/ our dealers. Thank you for producing such a high quality product.
Brenda Wise
Just wanted to thank you for getting the label order to us. It was delivered this morning. Both pallets were in excellent shape when they arrived. Oak Harbor does a great job and whoever got the shipment ready on your end also did a great job. We delivered some of them to the customer today and the balance was shipped out for delivery tomorrow. The product looked great. Thank you!
I will go further and say that I was very pleased with your efforts to find the right label stock for our individual needs (freezer temp), and that you were very easy to work with concerning the specific quantity issues because of the custom order aspect. The labels turned our great and my client was extremely pleased. You have a formula for success. I will definitely order from you again and again.
Regards, Pat Fleming Accu-Stats
We received our labels in good order and we are extremely satisfied. I thank you for going the extra mile to satisfy our needs. I do know that it is not uncommon to work with companies that have strict policies and will not budge to satisfy a customer, but you did, and for that I am grateful. May you succeed, as I know you will, in all your endeavors. I will recommend you to anyone who can use your services and as our needs arise, I will give you the business. Once again, thank you.
Mike Gottinger, Kingslandfoods
Thank you for your follow up call regarding the labels, we are very happy with them and so are our clients. The design has a more professional appearance without being too busy or confusing. Also, I tried the labels on our perogy bags just to see how the glue would hold up in the freezer. As long as the labels have time to set (1 to 2 days) in room temperature they work great. The labels can be peeled off the bag but it takes some effort, we certainly wouldn't have to worry about the labels falling off. All in all I am a happy customer and I look forward to doing business with Etiquette Systems in the future.
WE LOVE THEM….they are sooooo hot!!!!!! We probably will want to order more and for other products as well!!!! Thanks
Phil Wiebe
"The labels arrived yesterday, and I just finished testing today, and they are great! They work wonderfully, and the quality seems to be excellent. I love how they peel off from the backing. Very smooth and slick. A very nice label. Printing seems crisp and clean, with no bleeding away from the image, and very nice quality. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this, and keeping in touch throughout the process." Best Regards,
Richard Joffe, President Park Assist
"Our experience with Etiquette was fantastic. They held our hand throughout the processes and went the extra mile to ensure we received the product we expected which was a refreshing perspective compared with their competitors."
Carmen and Sorin, SCDS PRO, Montreal, Canada
"Excellent qualité, excellent service, une écoute personalisée pour notre entreprise. Merci!"
"Dealing with Etiquette Systems and their knowledgeable staff was a painless experience. They offer extremely good customer service and are a pleasure to deal with."
"…I do appreciate the custom work you have done for us, it is hard to find an organization with enough foresight to realize that solving a little problem can lead to additional business opportunities."
Level 33
I have been dealing with Etiquette Systems for a few years now, and have always been extremely satisfied with the service. The team at Etiquette Systems is fast, efficient, friendly and always available to help. I would recommend this company to everybody!
"Etiquette Systems has given us excellent customer service. That alone is a rare find these days. Very professional company that have given us a top quality product, with on time delivery at very reasonable costs. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for great service ".
Eyes Everywhere (eyeseverywhere.ca)
Great to deal with an honest company. Recommended the product I really needed, rather than the more-expensive one I thought I did. Helped with the design process as well. Very helpful, great product and great price to boot. Thanks!
BRLA Board of Directors
Thank you for the AMAZING SERVICE! We really appreciate your help with the production of the Big Rideau Lake Association´s annual membership decal. Etiquette Systems stepped in when our supplier let us down and produced a superior quality product in record time. You went the extra mile for us to get the decal into production and out the door in time for our annual general meeting. Our members will be happy, and we´ll be coming back to Etiquette Systems for all our labeling needs. Thank you again,