Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive labels of all types for business applications. A colloquial term for our product is ‘stickers’ –the peel and stick kind. Not to be misunderstood as just a children’s novelty, adhesive labels are used in almost every industry to attach to goods to identify contents, purpose and/or use, description, owner, origin, destination, etc. These labels only require light surface pressure for them to anchor, whereas some labels need to be heat/water activated, sewn, or riveted into place. They are commonly made from paper or plastic, but labels can be made out of almost any imaginable combination of substrates, adhesives, inks, and release liners.

Generally, we supply labels to food, manufacturing, and industrial marketplaces anywhere in the world, but mostly in North America. In close demographic proximity of our Henderson shop—Green Valley—we focus our marketing on manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers of all types by means of telemarketing plus local directories. Our objective is to provide our customers with the label products best suited for them, on time and within their budgets.

The adhesive label business isn’t commonly perceived as its own industry. Although we print, we are not commercial printers, as the process of making a label is completely different than that of making a brochure or business card. Look around, and you’ll see labels on almost ever consumer product. They’re simply everywhere: on packaged foods, automotive parts, shampoo bottles, windows, mobile phones, and even clothing. If there are products, there will be labels, and our industry will continue to grow with market trends.

Currently, adhesive labels are a multibillion-dollar industry, so we see continual customer demand and stability. We foresee technologies changing in the way labels are produced. Labels can be converted conventionally, through a printing press, or now by means of digital processing., Inc. can supply labels made from either method. We also foresee more companies turning to online resources to make label purchases, so our company has put great emphasis on our web presence.