Popsicle Labels

Popsicle Labels

Nothing is quite so satisfying as chilling out with a popsicle on a warm spring or summer day, which is what makes popsicle labels one of our favorite types of labels to make. While some people prefer ice cream to frozen pops, we think popsicles are much more portable. We make a special effort to ensure that our custom printed popsicle labels are as perfect as they can be, and we especially make sure that our popsicle labels won't just come off if the popsicle gets a little moisture on it, or because the adhesive deadens due to the cold. After all, what if all the popsicle labels fell off and you were left with a bunch of red popsicles? How would you tell cherry from strawberry from raspberry without tasting them all?

That's why we make sure our full color popsicle labels don't just provide flavor information, but that they'll stay on no matter how cold it gets. Anybody's popsicle container labels can stay on when it's room temperature, but the real proof is in the freezing. Luckily, we're freezer label experts, which you can check out for yourself at our sister site, http://www.freezer-labels.com (it even has its own Popsicle Labels page). We know everything there is to know about freezer labels and how to make them, whether you'll be using them in barely sub-freezing environments or in the terrible cold of liquid nitrogen, hundreds of degrees below zero.

Popsicle labels don't have the requirements of, say, laboratory freezer stickers, but they do have to be durable and adhere well to the product. Paper is typically a good enough base material when combined with the appropriate inks and cold-engineered adhesive. Glossy labels tend to work best because they resist moisture, but because popsicles are a low-margin product, you mind not want to spend extra for them. As long as the ink doesn't smear when subjected to moisture or flake off when exposed to cold, it won't matter if the individual popsicle labels get a little condensation or a few drips on them while they await your consumption. Custom printed popsicle container labels or the boxes themselves can be made of glossy materials, and in fact we recommend it; you definitely want people to recognize your product at a glance, especially when peering into foggy freezers or grabbing for their favorite brands. Imagine how disappointed they would be if they were to get home with the wrong brand, just because your printed popsicle container labels failed you.

Here at Etiquette Systems, we can fix it so that never happens. We've got the freezer label experience necessary to take into account all the variables, and we use high-quality materials that won't turn on you or let you down under ordinary and even most extraordinary conditions. Whether you need individual popsicle labels or printed popsicle containers, we've got you covered.

Contact us for a quote, and we can help you make sure your customers get their hands on their favorite ice-cold, refreshing flavors with a minimum of fuss.