Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t know much about labels. Where should I start?

A. First, get your labels designed by a local graphic artist who can review your package/product in person. We’ll need to review an art file to accurately quote your labels.

Q. Can you help us design our labels?

A. We don’t have an in-house art department, but we can make minor adjustments to images, and we’ll certainly advise you on colors and all the categories of materials (inks, substrates, adhesives, liners, coatings, etc.) required to fit your environmental and aesthetic requirements. We’ll need an art file submission in order to make these adjustments.

Q. What kind of art file do you require?

A. For line art (PMS color): Vector Art. For full color (CMYK) images: minimum 300 dpi. Formats: high-res. PDF or. AI (Adobe Illustrator) files preferred. We can’t print from Word. DOC files.

Q. Will, I receive proof to approve my artwork?

A. Yes, we can send two types of proofs: (1) A . PDF (electronic) proof, which can be emailed at no charge. Important: colors on LCD screens are REPRESENTATIONS ONLY and may not be PMS accurate; or (2) A hardcopy proof, commonly sent when color accuracy is critical. Starting cost: $100 + shipping.

Q. What is the difference between CMYK (full color) and PMS (spot color)?

A. The CMYK full-color method uses various mixtures and overlays of just four colors—Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K)—to achieve nearly the full range of color detectible by human vision. PMS spot color printing uses the patented Pantone Matching System to produce an exact color match.

Q. Do you charge a set-up fee for plates?

A. No, we don’t charge for plates.

Q. How do I get a quote?

A. Just call, email, or fill in our quote form to request a price.

Q. Do you have minimums?

A. No, we don’t have minimums.

Q. Do you have set price breaks?

A. No, we don’t offer specific price breaks, but the more labels you order, the lower your unit price.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

A. Other than our online store, no. All our quotes are specification-driven.

Q. Do you charge for shipping?

A. Yes, we do. However, you can provide a FedEx/UPS account number for us to charge to, or you can arrange direct pick-up. Otherwise, our shipping rates are really reasonable. And, we ship globally!

Q. What are your available sizes?

A. We have literally thousands of available sizes to choose from, in a variety of shapes: rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, etc.

Q. Do you provide die-cut templates?

A. We actually provide die lines at the proofing stage to show you how the labels will be cut. We can do all kinds of sizes and shapes, and maintain a huge collection of dies to match almost every need. We can also make custom dies as necessary for no extra cost.

Q. What’s your turnaround time?

A. For custom labels, 3-5 business days after approval of proof plus delivery time. Stock labels ship the next day.

Q. What kind of label materials do you have available?

A.  Just about everything on the market. For an in-depth discussion, visit our Material Flexibility page.

Q. Can you add a bar code to my label?

A. Why yes, yes we can. Not only can we handle them, but we’re also bar-code label experts. Seriously. Check our Bar-Code Labels page not only for some great deals but also for a full-fledged education on bar-code labels in general. Just click those links to learn lots of cool stuff.

Q. Can I get label samples before ordering?

A. Yes, we normally send samples once a price quote has been issued, so we know what kind of material to send. Otherwise, we can send a mixed bag of generic samples so you can see the quality of our work. Samples are mostly sent once a customer has decided to proceed and requires additional assurance that the label material is suitable for their application.

Q. How is your company different from a typical commercial print or copy shop?

A. In a nutshell, our company specializes solely in the manufacturing of pressure-sensitive adhesive labels. Although we produce a great variety of labels in a wide range of formats and materials (rolls, sheets, printed, blank, paper, plastic) we don’t make anything but labels. Where a commercial printer supplies everything printed (business cards, brochures, pamphlet, menus) and usually only in sheet format. For additional info see our list of advantages.

Q. Where are you located?

A. In Southern Nevada, near Las Vegas. Specifically, our address is 2051 Pabco Road, Henderson, Nevada 89011, if you want to plug that into your GPS. Our phone number is 855.668.7453 (or 702.568.7453 if you’re in the neighborhood).