Frozen Vegetables Labels

Frozen Vegetables

There was a time, in our great-great-grandparents' younger days, when frozen vegetables labels weren't needed, because there were no such things as frozen vegetables. Fresh vegetables could only be enjoyed on a seasonal basis, sadly. Oh, you could preserve some veggies by salting, pickling, drying, or canning, but it wasn't the same. All these processes lose some of the flavor, not to mention the vitamins and nutrients, that you get in fresh vegetables. Luckily, this was offset somewhat when specific preservation methods, and the foodstuffs available to a particular area, led to some wonderful regional cuisines.

Yes, we have lack of refrigeration to thank for haggis and pickles. Yum!

But then, in 1922, Clarence Birdseye began experimenting with flash-freezing foods, and suddenly frozen vegetables were a thing. Almost instantly, printed frozen vegetables labels became a thing too, out of sheer necessity. It took a lot of experimenting to find the right mixture of materials for decent frozen vegetables labels. Luckily, it's 100 years later, and companies like Etiquette Systems have figured out how to make totally effective custom printed vegetables sheet labels, and sheet labels in general, that can handle temperatures down to -60 degrees without deadening, falling off, or otherwise becoming absolutely useless.

We can provide a nice variety of frozen vegetable labels tailored to your needs. If you need custom printed freezer labels for your frozen veggies, no problem. If you want print your own frozen vegetables labels, no problem. We're available to provide either type of labels very quickly, wherever you live in North America. Just ask for a quote and see how we can help you.