Honey Labels

Honey Labels

The honey industry is growing by leaps and bounds in North America, which is home to over at least 2,400,000 hives—a high percentage of the world's total. Honey's not just tasty, it's a nice alternative to sugar, and adds a distinct tang to drinks and foods sweetened with it.

Whether you keep just a few hives in the backyard or hundreds in rows on the back forty, you'll eventually need some honey labels. These specialized food labels have their own specific, strict requirements. Among other things, adhesive honey labels not only have to specify that the bottle or jar contains honey (in large, easily read lettering) and how much it weighs, they also have to specify the type of honey. You'll need special honey labels for raw honey, filtered honey, pasteurized honey, pure honey, enhanced honey, etc. If the honey contains other ingredients, like specific flavorings or corn syrup as a sweetener, then you'll have to add nutritional labels and ingredients labels spelling out what those are and how they contribute to the honey.

More common for honey labels is an indicator of what kind of flowers the bees collected the original nectar from. Each major type has its fans who know just what to look for on a honey label, so you have to make it obvious. For example, bees hived in orange orchards might need "Orange Blossom" honey labels, while those that collected their nectar from tupelo trees would need honey jar labels reading "Tupelo honey." Experts tend to agree that Tupelo honey is the best thing since (and for) sliced bread, and beekeepers sometimes fight for the privilege of placing their hives near stands of blossoming tupelo trees.

Meanwhile, we'll fight for the privilege of providing your honey labels! We'd be happy to quote you a price on blank honey labels you can print on your own inkjet and laser printers, or we can produce special custom-printed honey labels designed specifically to fit your needs. Our custom honey labels can be sized to fit jars, bottles or squeezable honey bears, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and all the flexibility and conformity you need. These honey bear labels and honey jar labels can even be made transparent, so the honey label itself fades into the background while the lettering and logo jump right out, or we can print metallic honey labels that will be equally attractive to the customer scanning crowded shelves. Our prices are low and our turnaround quick, and we can do runs of just about any size.

Durability comes built in. Although honey labels may not need to survive extreme conditions, they do need to be tough for use on squeezable containers, and must be able to handle dripping honey without the adhesive detaching or the ink smearing.

Call or email us for a quote on your blank and custom printed honey labels. Here's to sweet success!