Return Policy

Printing tends to be an all-or-nothing business, which is why many printers won't accept returns except in cases of obvious printing errors. But then again, most label printers aren't Etiquette Systems. Our primary goal is to serve you to the best of our ability, and we can't do that if you're not happy. So if you're anything less than 100% satisfied with our products, let us know right away.

For the purposes of this return policy, we categorize our products as:

  • Custom, including customized printed or customized cut labels; and
  • Stock, generic products purchased from our online store.

We accept returns of both custom and stock labels within 30 days of delivery. With the exception of defective label orders, we can't accept returns outside this 30-day window. However, we'll happily reprint any defective labels if notified within 60 days of delivery. In this context, the term "defective" includes:

  • Misprints;
  • Damaged labels resulting from shipping; and
  • Out-of-spec materials; that is, bad stock.

In some cases, the original defective order may need to be returned to our facility.

If your stock labels are not defective but don't meet your expectations, we'll accept a return for a 50% refund or a full-valued exchange (for a $500 per order maximum, shipping not included). If your custom labels are not defective but don't meet expectations, we'll accept a return for a 50% refund only (again, for a $500 per order maximum, shipping not included).

We can't restock or repurpose custom-printed labels, so needless to say, we tend to be very cautious with printing them—which is why we send you a proof to sign off on in terms of copy and color before moving forward with printing your labels. Note that electronic .pdf proofs are only used for color representation, as explained here. You can also order hardcopy proofs and material samples, so you can ensure to your satisfaction that our materials can perform the way we say they can.

Finally, we'll also have you approve the combination of materials, including substrate (label stock), liner, adhesive, and colors before you move forward.

But even so, don't assume we won't accept a return if the products aren't as you intended or envisioned! We'll work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, and even if we can't, we'll still let you return the custom labels to us for a 50% refund of the purchase price (to a maximum of $250).

Again, all returns must be initiated within 30 days, with the exception of defective labels, which must be returned within 60 days. And while we'll honestly do all we can to accommodate you, please note that all other returns that don't fall under the above criteria are at the discretion of Etiquette Systems.

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