Medical & Lab Labels

Medical & Lab Labels

Doctor's offices and medical labs use a surprisingly wide range of custom medical labels. In almost every case, the point of medical labels isn't to look pretty; it's to identify things for charting, filing purposes, lab testing, asset labeling, and the like. In many cases, paper labels with standard adhesives and inks are sufficient, and typically come in the form of preprinted lab labels where additional information is added by hand or printer. These materials are ideal for urine cup labels, blood vial labels, test tube labels, preprinted file labels, and other adhesive doctor's office labels, as they rarely have to face anything more damaging than bodily fluids. Mostly, these specialized medical labels just need to be resistant to moisture. For example, the ink on a urine cup label can't smear just because someone doesn't quite hit the mark; nor can the adhesive deaden and let the label fall off.

Preprinted lab labels have to hang on tight through handling and processing, some of which (like centrifuging) can be pretty rough. This is especially true for blood tube labels and test tube labels, since losing track of the patient's identity might result in life-threatening mistakes. Nevertheless, most of these custom printed lab labels need to last only a short while, so standard paper and coated paper are usually good enough substrates. Laboratory labels intended for asset tracking or equipment, however, may have to last for years. These particular medical labels should be made of tougher substrates like rugged plastics or even metallics, with adhesives and inks that last indefinitely without running or fading.

Blood bag labels for donation and transfusion also have to be tougher than most medical labels, since they face refrigeration as well as the condensation moisture that comes with it. The adhesives and inks of custom blood bag labels can't fail just because it gets a little cold; otherwise the critical contents have to be retested, which wastes time.

At Etiquette Systems, you've nothing to worry about on that score; we'll apply our expertise with all types of refrigeration and freezer labels to your blood bag labels, blood tube labels, and any other custom printed medical labels that undergo ordinary refrigeration. Cryogenics labels, used for storing tissue samples and genetic materials, have their own challenges—but we can handle those with our special artificial label stocks, super-tough adhesives that won't deaden in the cold, and special inks that won't flake off.

Then there are pharmaceutical labels, which form their own subcategory with multiple types. We can provide you with tens of thousands of custom printed pharmaceutical labels if you're a manufacturer, to help you not only market your products but also to meet government requirements for dosages and use warnings. And speaking of warning labels, we can also make the kind that come with your prescriptions and are vital to the maintenance of your health. These are the type of adhesive medical labels that your pharmacist adds to your pill bottles: the colored ones that say things like "Don't Operate Heavy Machinery When Taking This Medication", or "Do Not Drink Alcohol Within One Hour of Taking This Medication," or "Take With Food Or Milk." It's the rare prescription bottle that doesn't come with several of these little pharmaceutical labels attached.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Don't be. Custom medical labels may be a large category, but we're experts at printing medical labels that perfectly fit your needs. Want a quote? Let us know your specs and the type of medical labels you need, and we'll send you our bid ASAP.