Bar-Code Labels

Remember the bad old days, when a store clerk had to look at a price sticker on an item and then actually type the price into the register? If you don't, count yourself lucky—because if you think it takes a long time to check out now, you should have experienced it back then. Well, that system went the way of the dodo when the industry began adopting laser-scanned bar-code labels back in the 1980s.

Hallelujah! Suddenly, checkout was simpler, clerks could handle more people in less time, stores saved money in the process, and everyone was happier all the way around.

It wasn't long before some unsung genius realized that variably printed bar-code labels could also be used for asset management and inventory control purposes. Soon, the technology was maximizing productivity in facilities ranging from auto shops to warehouses, not just retail stores.

Well, by utilizing pre-printed bar-code labels, you can save even more time and money! Purchasing custom bar-code labels eliminates the need to buy your own label-printing equipment and the systems required to assure in-spec, quality labels, and you won't have to worry about educating the staff to run that equipment.

Let Etiquette Systems handle all that for you. If you send us your codes, we can supply virtually any type of variably printed bar-coded labels on demand. Often, we can even provide next day turnaround on your order.

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