Here at Etiquette Systems, we can print any type of label you require, using a variety of imaging and mechanical printing processes. We keep a wide range of substrate materials in stock, from basic paper to plastics and metalized synthetics; when we combine them with our chemically balanced inks, overlays, and adhesives, we can quickly design labels to conform to any situation or specifications. We also pride ourselves on our accuracy, speedy turnaround, and high level of personal service.

That said, we do have our specialties—primary products that we do better than anyone in the business and can turn around in a minimum of time. The types of labels we're famous for include the following:

Food Packaging Labels. The wide variety and specifications common to food packaging labels offer special challenges we're always eager to rise to. Our peel-and-stick products set the standard for attractive, multi-colored labeling that helps sell the goods even as it serves basic identification and informational purposes. We'll work closely with you, combining our expertise with your needs to produce affordable combinations of substrate, adhesive, and inks that meet all standards imposed, not to mention the environmental conditions food products are commonly subjected to. We can provide Bakery Labels, Honey Labels, Hot Sauce Labels, Spice Labels, Hummus Labels, and much more.

Freezer Storage Labels. These labels are designed for use in consistent sub-freezing temperatures, under a variety of food service and research conditions. They must be made of materials that can handle frigidity for long periods, especially adhesives that don't freeze and deaden, losing their grip on the packaging. Label stocks must remain flexible in the cold, and all materials used must also be able to adapt to changes in humidity and moisture. Our freezer labels are used in cold storage and distribution, pre-frozen food packaging, blast freezing, cryogenics labs (including nitrogen exposure), corrective labels on frozen surfaces, and even in cold outdoor environments.

Beverage Labels. Beverage labels of all types have to be durable, to stand up against abrasion, as well as proof against spilled liquid, refrigeration, and condensation. Ours handle all those with no problem at all. We've got everything you need: Wine Labels, Craft Beer Labels, Coffee Labels, and more.

COVID-19 PPE Labels. The current pandemic has made us all hyper-aware of health concerns and disease transmission, which has resulted in a surprisingly wide range of new labels. Not only do we need PPE notices for walls, counters, plastic shields, and doors, many businesses have placed helpful stickers on their floors to indicate spaces six feet apart, so we can maintain social distancing. Even after the present pandemic is over, we expect many businesses to keep using these and other COVID-19 PPE-type labels just in case. We can make any type of custom COVID-19 PPE labels you may need, and we can do it quickly.

Healthcare Labels. We're old hands at creating labels for healthcare, personal care, and hygiene products, from shampoo, conditioner, and makeup, to other skin care, nail care, shaving, personal cleanliness products, and over-the-counter medications. Our familiarity with the wide array of containers used shows in the creative combinations of substrates, adhesives, inks, and overlays we can provide, as well as our ability to create conformable labels that will easily stretch and regain their original dimensions to fit the needs of tubes and other squeezable containers. Paper labels usually aren't sufficient to handle either the materials these goods are made of or the conditions they're used in, so we're more likely to use BOPP and other plastic substrates, along with adhesives and inks that can handle long-term exposure to moisture and oils.

Manufacturing and Logistics Labels. Manufacturing represents the most diverse category we make labels for, reaching into every corner of the industrialized world. It requires a huge variety of labels designed either to last until point-of-use, like price stickers and custom food labels, or to last the lifetime of the product in the form of signage, bar-codes, or components of the product itself. We can create just about any form of adhesive product label you'll need for any type of manufactured goods.

On the logistics side, we can speedily provide Bar-code Labels, Battery Labels, Logistics and Shipping Labels, Healthcare and Lab Labels, Horticultural Labels, and more. All these make it easier to identify materials for asset management and inventory purposes, so you can keep track of all your goods with ease. Bar-codes can also facilitate laser-based check-out in retail stores, while simultaneously keeping track of inventory so you know when you're running short of particular goods and can reorder—either by hand, or automatically when stocks fall below a certain level.

Print Your Own Labels. While Etiquette System leads the industry in custom printed labels, we haven't forgotten that some folks prefer the do-it-yourself method. In addition to laser and inkjet sheet labels, we can also provide blank or partially printed rolls of both ink-based and thermal adhesive labels for use with your own printing equipment. We even carry old-school pin-feed labels for use with dot-matrix printers, not to mention direct thermal and thermal transfer labels and ribbons. Oh, and did we mention that we can sell you the labeling machinery itself? Whether Dymo, Zebra, or Brady, we've got you covered.

But Wait—There's More! The categories listed above represent our specialties, but we can and do provide many other types of labels and decals in a multitude of categories and subcategories. Take a look around our site, and you're sure to find something just right for you. If you don't see what you're after, contact us directly at (866) 725-0287 or, and let us know how we can be of assistance. We're always ready and eager to help you design the ideal solution for your labeling needs.