Decals are extremely durable labels meant to last a whole lot longer than most other durable labels. Decal is short for "decalcomania," a word of French origin used to describe the transfer of patterns from paper to glass or porcelain. Clearly, the meaning has evolved when applied to custom product decals. Today's adhesive decals are usually made from vinyl, but can also be made from polycarbonate, polyester, and other various weatherproof label substrates. A decal can be warrantied to last 5-7 years, minimum, whereas normal durable labels only last for 2-3 years. They're made of hardy, long-lasting materials, for use where colors mustn't fade: for example, shop window decals, heavy duty equipment labeling, snowboards, and auto glass. Most durable adhesive decals are screen-printed or inkjet-printed with a solvent output using thicker inks, which hold up better against surface abrasion and the elements.

Many people don't realize how common and useful custom product decals are. Because they resist fading, these specialized durable labels are very useful as window decals – for example, those custom window decals used in shop windows as signage, the self-adhesive window decals meant to indicate the presence of alarm systems in a home, even the special window decal stickers used to notify firefighters or police of the presence of children or pets in a specific room.

Durable adhesive decals are also extensively used in automobiles. For example, every time you get an inspection or register your vehicle, you put apply one or more custom windshield decals. If you work at certain companies, live in a specific apartment complex, or even park in a special parking lot, you'll probably need custom car windshield decals of various descriptions for security and identification purposes. They make use different images and designs, but they're all durable labels, designed to last for many years.

The family of self-adhesive car decals isn't limited to window decals and custom windshield decals. Because cars are long-term investments that can survive for decades, they require durabledecals in many locations. Custom car decals may be used elsewhere for identification purposes, with especially durable labels gracing auto parts in your engine and elsewhere. Even some body panels may retain old custom printed decal stickers with part numbers and identification information printed on them, intended to help the auto workers when they assembled your car.

And let's not forget those most popular of custom self-adhesive decals, bumper stickers! Fleets use custom bumper stickers to provide driver and company identification and for advertising, while the rest of us use our rides to express support for sports teams and candidates, affix colorful custom printed bumper stickers to trumpet our social beliefs and independence, or even choose bumper stickers to express attitude. These particular custom decals have to be quite durable, since they're exposed to weather, pollution, road conditions, and even fender benders. Who hasn't seen political bumper stickers ten years out of date on some cars? That shows how durable they are. They last even longer when they're used as windshield decals in rear windshields.

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