Die Cut Labels

At Etiquette Systems, die cut labels are our stock in trade. These labels aren’t just printed on existing stock; they’re cut, by us, to a high level of precision using flexible metal label dies, and are distinguished by their clear, sharp edges and ease of use. We can provide even the most complex custom die cut labels, including types that follow the configuration of your company name or logo, the shape of your state, specific images, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Die cut address labels are the type most people are familiar with, but in fact almost all high-quality custom labels are die cut labels of one kind or another.

Die cut labels require a delicate manufacturing process. If you need a specific die shape, we can have the special label die manufactured to your specifications, though it will cost extra. But whether we use new label dies or one of our many hundreds of existing label dies, we first have to print the labels during a press run. Then we have to attach the label dies to a special cutter with very exact tolerances, and run the printed labels through to be cut. We not only have to line up the labels with the die to tolerances of less than 1/32 of an inch (the die cutting standard), but the label die has to be shallow enough in most cases to cut through the top layer of label material without cutting the backing. As you might expect, this requires some serious accuracy.

Luckily, we’re experts at making perfect die cut labels using a variety of materials, from plain and coated paper to metalized stock and various plastics, with special adhesives and inks. Given our wide range of label dies, we can cut your labels to any size and shape you like. Whether you need a few hundred die cut address labels or a million beverage bottle labels, we’ve got the resources, equipment, and expertise to quickly provide you with just what you need. Want some transparent die cut labels that fade into the background and make your logo and product name shout out to the world? We’re experts at producing crystal clear die cut labels that attract instant attention, and we’re confident we can provide just about any other specialty die cut labels you can dream up.

Even if you’re not looking for die cut labels printed and trimmed to your specs by a printer, we can still help. We keep in stock a large selection of blank, sheet-format Avery die cut labels, and similar die cut labels made by other manufacturers, that that you can use with inkjet and laser printers. But it’s up to you to line up everything nice and neat, so your DIY die cut labels look good. If you don’t want to take any chances, we’ll be happy to make you some custom die cut labels you can be proud of—in record time.

Custom or not, quantities aren’t an issue. Send us a request for a quote today, and let’s get started!