Freezer Sheet Labels

There are many, many places you can buy freezer labels—or at least, what the sellers call freezer labels. No doubt you can even buy supposed write on freezer labels in your local supermarket. But come now; that's a little like buying a "Rolex" at the corner pawn shop. Your cheapie labels may say "self adhesive freezer labels" on the package, but then, that low-cost fake Rolex says "Rolex" on the front, too. Real printable freezer meal labels, refrigerator food labels, freezer bag labels, and the like come from dedicated manufacturers like Etiquette Systems.

The easiest way to purchase real freezer grade adhesive labels is by either visiting a manufacturer like us personally or finding them on the Internet. And if you're reading this, then you need not look any further! Whether you want to buy freezer labels for commercial or personal use, we've got 'em—popsicle labels, pizza labels, frozen yogurt and smoothie labels, and more. We can even teach you how to label freezer food if you need to know. We've been doing this so long we're bona-fide experts, and then some.

If you wonder what features freezer sheet labels require to survive the cold weather, the most important thing is an adhesive that's sticky enough to hold on even in temperatures as low as -65° F. The facestock (the part you actually print on) can either be plain paper, tougher coated paper, or a plastic, usually white vinyl. Vinyl waterproof frozen stickers are best for the coldest environments, especially those that include frost or moisture.

Our freezer sheet labels come in three varieties (two paper, one vinyl) in four basic shapes:

  1. Round Corner Rectangle (LR)
  2. Square Corner Rectangle (LS)
  3. Round Circle (LC)
  4. Special Shape (SS)

For more information, click on each link. The rectangular freezer labels offer the most sizes, from one big label per page to dozens of smaller 1-inch squares.

Now that you've found Etiquette Systems, you no longer have to ask yourself, "Where can I buy freezer labels?" Just tell us what kinds of freezer sheet labels you need and what you plan to use them for, ask for quote, and we'll get one to you as soon as humanly possible.