Permanent Labels

Simply put, permanent labels are those that you intend to last the entire use-life of a product. This applies whether it’s a crescent wrench, a food product, or a gas chromatograph. While paper-based permanent labels can work in some cases, accomplishing true permanence requires tough, long-lasting base materials, usually plastic and metallic stocks, as well as wear- and fade-resistant inks and super-strong adhesives. Permanent labels aren’t just meant to be tamper proof labels, since in most cases they’re completely non-removeable.

It’s important for permanent labels to be rugged, easy to use, and above all, truly permanent. They can’t just fall off or easily be removed, no matter what the conditions. This is true whether you’re dealing with low-end permanent adhesive labels made of plain paper stock for items like food products or books, clear permanent labels fashioned of vinyl and other plastics that are used to label glass or metal, or top-quality metalized, anodized, or top-coated permanent labels intended to survive heat, abrasion, and chemical insults for years—conditions that would destroy most labels in minutes. These types of permanent labels are ideal for use in super-cold cryogenic environments, warehouses, machine shops, medical facilities, and laboratories, where item identification is very important. Custom printed permanent labels are also an excellent way to track assets, especially in combination with bar-codes.

Where can you find the kind of quality and consistency required to produce truly permanent labels? Right here at Etiquette Systems. We might be biased, but we think we’re your ideal one-stop provider for permanent labels. We have the equipment, materials, and depth of experience necessary to quickly provide permanent labels of every kind. We can also print permanent labels meant to become part of the machines they’re integrated with, so that dials, switches, and the like are permanently and distinctly labeled, and specific, critical instructions and warnings are always visible.

Whether you require simple permanent adhesive labels for inventory or asset tracking purposes, metallic permanent labels designed to be affixed to or integrated with machine or auto parts, or transparent permanent labels intended for chemical and industrial drums and other containers, we’re here for you. Plus, we can guarantee that our custom permanent labels will actually be permanent: we design them to be as durable as anything you produce, because we know they need to remain attached for the life of the product. That being the case, we can provide any type of facestock, ink, and design that fits your needs.

If you prefer to print DIY permanent labels, we can also provide blank permanent label stocks that work with laser, inkjet, and thermal transfer printers. Ask for a quote today!