Promotional Labels

A promotional event is an excellent way to increase your consumer base and pad your bottom line without costing you an arm and a leg, and promotional labels are a great way to economically sell more products. The goal of promotional labels is to grab people's attention and focus it on your products, building brand awareness while also encouraging them to buy more stuff.

This works whether you own a grocery store, a radio station, a bookstore, or a newspaper, and provides a number of avenues of attraction—from simple window decals and adhesive promotional stickers to slightly more complicated custom piggyback labels. At Etiquette Systems, we can happily provide you with a wide variety of promotional labels, all designed to be eye-catchers that intrigue and appeal to qualified prospects.

Consider simple promotional decals, for example: they're great for calling attention to your business or cause with bold graphics, bright coloring, and high visibility. Bumper stickers are one obvious example, but those big clear promotional decals you put on your shop windows to announce sales and special deals qualify too. Special adhesive promotional labels can even be used for price-stickers, catching the eye even as they provide special information and an item's price. If you've ever been in a dollar store, you've probably seen this type of custom printed promotional label used to great effect.

Then there are custom printed promotional coupon labels, which can come in a number of forms and directly encourage people to buy, since they get a significant discount when they use the coupon. In the last decade or so, note labels and custom QR labels have seen widespread use. Note labels basically look like Post-It notes, complete with the multi-use adhesive. They can easily be slapped onto newspapers, newsletters, or direct mail pieces. The customer can then hang them on their bulletin board or literally stick them in their wallet until use. (Note labels can also be purely informational, of course.)

Then there are those fancy custom QR labels, which can come in note label or simple adhesive promotional sticker form. You just point your smartphone at a QR label, and it opens up a special page that you (or a cashier) can use to access a coupon or other deal from.

You're also no doubt familiar with custom printed piggyback labels, which fast food chains use to promote games, like Monopoly or Scrabble, that bring people in to buy. These are two-part labels with a detachable piece on top, and the adhesive piece on the bottom. The detachable piece of a piggyback label may consist of a game-piece, a coupon for a product discount, or even a giveaway. That last bit is genius, since who goes to the burger joint just to collect a free small fries? You've gotta have at least a soft drink with it, right? And up goes the profit, thanks to simple custom piggyback labels.

Ready to rake in the dough with your own custom printed promo labels? At etiquette Systems, we're here to help. We can offer you colorful standard designs on a variety of paper, plastic, and metallic feedstocks, or you can work with our design team to create your own eye-catching promotional decals and labels, either in standard sizes and shapes or die cut to create the ideal shapes for your promotional label needs, with all the fluorescent inks you need to get people to sit up and take notice. If you're in the market for custom promotional labels of any types, contact us -- we'd love to talk with you about what we can do to help.

Here’s a list of more specific Promotional Labels and Decals we can provide:

  • Bag Labels
  • Clear Round Label
  • Container Label
  • Cover-Up Labels
  • Custom Removable Labels
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Double Sided Labels
  • Fluorescent Label
  • Permanent Labels
  • Piggyback Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Roll Label
  • Sock Band Labels
  • Transparent Labels