Removable Labels

With most labels, the goal is to make sure they stick and stay stuck, but that’s not the case with removable labels. A good blank or custom removable label can be removed from almost any surface after application, including textiles, cardboard, paper, metal, and glass without leaving behind annoying residue or label fragments, or damaging the item it was stuck to. Removable bottle labels for beer, for example, are perfect for the beer drinker who loves to peel off the label. And when you buy a new plastic travel mug, you really don’t want the sticker to stay on forever.

Whether or not a removable label is worth its salt comes down to the adhesive; and even that may have to be specially formulated for the material it’s meant to adhere to. A removable label designed for wood or glass, for example, might not release from cardboard or paper without causing some damage.

There’s a fine balance at play here. Adhesive removable labels have to be removable, but you don’t want them to fall off your products in transit, or for people to switch labels easily so they can cheat you or the retailer. One way to accomplish this is to make sure the label is destroyed as it’s removed; and sure, we make tamper-proof labels like that. But truly removable labels need to be left intact, just in case they need to be reapplied or the person who peeled off the removable label decides they need a second look at it for some reason.

Most removable labels come with a relatively low-tack adhesive (meaning they aren’t very sticky), but that tack still has to remain stable over the use-life of the product; and again, the label can’t come off until it’s deliberately removed. Some removable labels can be reused, kind of like Post-It Notes (which are famous for their weak adhesives). These are good for labeling things you replace often, or for works-in-progress that don’t stay the same for long. One type of custom printed removable label is the specialized bumper sticker, like those touting candidates for political office. You can easily remove them after the election, though people rarely seem to.

Promotional window decals can also be considered a type of removable label, though often they cohere through static cling rather than an actual adhesive. That makes them especially easy to remove. Many are clear, though some are opaque. And speaking of clear removable labels, they’re one way to help your product logo and name jump right out at the customer, as the label material itself fades into the background. These are great choices for custom removable bottle labels.

Then there are repositionable removable labels, which are made to be reused. You can move repositionable labels as necessary: say, from one day to another on your calendar, or from one car bumper to another. Just clean and dry the surface, press the repositionable label into place, and you’re good. They’re also good for when you put a label on something crooked and need to fix it without destroying the label. Repositionable labels often remain removable for months or years, and there’s a whole continuum of removability involved. Some (like store shelf labels) have to stay on in higher impact environments than others, with long-lasting, high initial tack that may or may not decrease over time, depending on your needs.

At Etiquette Systems, we’re removable label experts. All we need are your specifications, and we’ll find the right materials with the right adhesive to fit your needs, delivered in just about any volume you require. Contact us for a quote right away!