Shampoo Labels

Most of us shampoo our hair daily, so top-quality shampoo bottle labels are a must. They may not be high tech, but they’re still the best way of telling your shampoo from your body wash, conditioner, and all the other creams, liquids, and lotions the average person keeps in their shower stall these days. A good preprinted shampoo bottle label prevents embarrassing accidents—so that you don’t, for example, end up smelling like a veterinarian’s office when your teenager leaves the flea shampoo on the shower ledge after bathing your dog. It happens.

Behold the power of a good shampoo bottle label.

Like the soap bottle labels they’re related to, custom shampoo bottle labels have to be tough enough to last through months of use, consisting of hundreds of squeezes and slip-and-drops through a daily cycle of wet/dry, wet/dry in one of the most humid environments in your house. Needless to say, squeezable shampoo bottle labels are a must, and they have to be made of a waterproof material that won’t just wash away or fall off—so paper shampoo labels are pretty much a no-go. Decent adhesive shampoo bottle labels also have to be able to handle soapy chemicals without the adhesives letting go or the dyes running, so you can reread the directions at your leisure (let us summarize for you: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

Taking all that into account, if you bottle shampoos, then you’ll need custom squeezable shampoo bottle labels made of a semi-durable, flexible, conformable film that can take a lot of punishment. Polypropylene and polyolefin fit the bill. Polypropylene is the go-to material for transparent shampoo bottle labels, which let you see through to the product itself. This is an excellent way to help users distinguish your shampoo from their other shower-time products when everything’s blurry. Plus, clear shampoo bottle labels that fade into the background will help your product name and logo stand out on store shelves.

Here at Etiquette Systems, we’d love to help you create the perfect custom printed shampoo bottle labels for your products. As printing experts, our experience will guide you to the ideal mix of substrate, inks, and adhesive; and as long-time product users, we know what we like to see in shampoo bottle labels ourselves. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll have a quote to you before you can pronounce “Sodium lauroamphoacetate methylisothiazolinone polyquaternium-10.”