Vinyl Labels

While vinyl labels (including vinyl decals and vinyl stickers) tend to have relatively low heat-resistance, they do offer great tear- and weather-resistance. Vinyl labels are also waterproof, weatherproof, moderately strong in both directions, easy to use, and affordable. Even better, vinyl comes in a number of formats and stocks, and is easily matched with various adhesives.

Known chemically as "polyvinylchloride," vinyl may be the most versatile of materials used to make durable labels. Though it's available in a number of colors, white vinyl is most often used for custom printed vinyl labels and blank vinyl labels alike.

Vinyl is also commonly used for decals. Flexible clear and white vinyl decals are ideal for use on glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastic; and because they're soft and conformable (unlike polyester labels), they're great for uneven, dimpled, low-energy surfaces. The same goes for weatherproof vinyl stickers, which are often hand-printed and cut. There's not much difference between these and other vinyl labels, of course, except that stickers tend to be less rugged than more durable vinyl labels. The substrate for custom printed vinyl stickers, like those bought in a hobby or craft store, is typically thinner than industrial-quality vinyl decals or labels, and the adhesive may be formulated to stick best to paper or cardboard.

Now, keep in mind that, while they have no problem with sunlight or really warm outdoor environments, even the most durable vinyl labels do NOT hold up to truly high heat. Unlike some artificial substrates, vinyl will melt. For this reason, we can't recommend vinyl labels for extremely hot industrial environments, no matter how durable they may be otherwise. You also need to avoid their use in light fixtures, autoclaves, BBQ grills, or any equipment that heats up and cools down often. But our flexible vinyl labels are a great solution for long-term outdoor labeling, and are commonly used for water- and freezer-resistance (e.g., in cryogenic environments, or for food preparation).

All our vinyl products are pressure sensitive, peel-and-stick adhesive labels, and can be categorized into two general types:

(1)Sheet vinyl labels meant for laser printing (blank or preprinted), which are great for industrial settings where you need to print in-house. These vinyl labels can be used for packaging.

(2)Laminated vinyl decals, always preprinted and individually cut. These are commonly laminated with a UV inhibitor, so they're VERY durable against the elements. They also come with different laminate options: High-Gloss, Textured, Matte, etc. They're too expensive to use as packaging labels.

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