Learn About Covid 19/PPE Labels

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Here at Etiquette Systems, we've been run off our feet printing hand sanitizer labels and disinfectant/cleaner labels since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. When manufacturers had to ramp up the manufacture of these products, many thought of us for their COVID-19 hand sanitizer labels and disinfectant labels, not to mention custom-printed labels for other COVID-19 related products.

While it's a scary, dangerous disease, the Novel Human Coronavirus 2019 (to use its full name) is susceptible to social distancing, repeated hand-cleansing, and surface cleaning. Good hand sanitizer labels and disinfectant/cleaner labels tend to be fairly straightforward. Hand sanitizer labels are basically like those you'd find for any over-the-counter medicine, since that's what hand sanitizer is classified as; they should list the ingredients (mostly ethyl alcohol), warnings, and simple directions for use. Disinfectant/cleaner labels are more complex, especially those that don't use all-natural eco-friendly ingredients. Typically, they will have more complex labels not only listing active ingredients (often several forms of Alkyl and Ammonium Chloride) as well as dilution requirements; uses; directions for use; warnings; and instructions for storage and disposal. Many disinfectant labels also specify the kinds of disease organisms the contents will kill when used as directed. Look for one than specifically states that it is a virucide that kills Human Coronavirus; this is important. Such labels can be very busy, with a lot of fine print, so make sure to read everything.

Keep washing your hands and keeping working surfaces clean if you work or live in environments where you come in contact with lots of other people on a regular basis. We want you to stay safe and healthy!