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We humans are a gregarious species, but that’s a weakness when diseases like COVID-19, a.k.a. the Coronavirus, spread like wildfire. Luckily, unlike the flu, COVID-19 is hard to catch through aerial contact, as long as you stay a good distance apart. Most of the world has established six feet (two meters) as the social distancing standard. Now we just have to keep reminding people of it!

All essential businesses, food delivery joints, medical facilities, churches, and the like need plenty of social distancing labels to keep us safe. Social distancing labels can take a number of forms, from simple custom printed stickers for doors and counters, to markers for seating, to big decals for floors, windows, and storefronts. And don’t think that just because social distancing restrictions have begun to ease in some places that you can just take down existing social distancing labels. If you have, or you’ve sold out your stock for other folks to use, you’d better order a new supply of our social distancing labels right away. We have a feeling that even after COVID-19 goes away —which we haven’t seen any sign of yet — it’ll be quite a while before the social distancing habit fades, and social distancing labels are no longer needed.


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