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Lab LabelsThe custom medical labels used in medical labs have to be especially dependable, much more so than those used only in a doctor's office, or even in pharmacies. You can't afford to have test or experiment results lost or ruined because your adhesive lab labels weren't as adhesive as they should have been. Now, dependable urine cup lid labels may not sound like that big a deal, but these and other urine cup labels are crucial when diagnosing illnesses like diabetes. They've got to handle moisture and the chemicals in urine as well as repeated handling, and come through like champs. Blood bag labels are even more important; blood is a precious fluid, and if you can't tell from a glance what the volume and blood type are, you'll have to waste time testing it… and all because of low quality laboratory labels. That's unacceptable. Even less acceptable are blood vial labels that fall apart or peel off without warning, requiring a repeat of the relevant tests. In extreme cases, bad blood tube labels aren't just a nuisance—they can literally determine whether someone lives or dies.

That's one reason why you need to come to lab label experts like Etiquette Systems for your custom medical labels of all types. Once we know your specs, we can recommend the perfect laboratory labels for your needs, quote you a great price, and have your lab labels to you in a matter of days.

Not all laboratory labels are as crucial as the ones we've mentioned above—which, ironically, rarely require anything more durable than coated paper with moisture- and cold-resistant adhesive, since they're for short-term use only. For other flavors of adhesive lab labels, durability is more important than anything else. Some laboratory equipment needs custom lab labels made of artificial substrates (including metalized ones) that will hang on for years and shrug off constant handling. The durability issue also applies to warning labels, biohazard labels, and other special laboratory labels unique to special environments.

Then there are the cryogenics labels used for long-term storage of genetic materials and other tissues. These specialized laboratory labels have to be made of very durable materials that can handle the most extreme cold this side of deep space, as well as multiple freeze/thaw cycles, for years. Specially formulated substrates, super-tough high-tack adhesives that won't deaden in the cold, and special inks that won't flake off no matter what go into making our cryogenic labels. Ditto for the biohazard labels and warning labels that may go with your more dangerous laboratory samples. You'll want future researchers to know to take care when handling that flask of Ebola virus, much less the alien face-hugger borrowed from Area 51.

Really, really well-made cryogenics warning labels are good for stuff like that.

All joking aside, you've found the best source for your custom lab labels, whatever type you happen to need. Since we're centrally located in Nevada, we can get your laboratory labels to you anywhere in North America quickly. And as for you guys at Area 51… well, we're really close to you, and we're very good at keeping our clients' lab label needs absolutely confidential!

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