Soap Labels

We all need soap, and there's plenty to be had, of every type you can possibly imagine—even when you leave dish and laundry soap out of the equation. You've got your plain hand soap bars, antibacterial liquid hand soap, perfumed body soap, nice scrubby body wash, and innumerable variations, all of which require different types of specialized soap labels.

Now, all soap labels have a few things in common, whether they're plain bar soap labels or the various types of soap bottle labels. They all have to be sturdy enough to stand up to the properties of detergents, which after all are designed to wash things away; so the substrates, inks, and adhesives of all soap labels have to be both chemical- and wax-resistant.

Your soap labels also have to stand out among all the other brands and varieties on the store shelves. Among other things, soap labels need bright colors, clear logos and text, and have to include lists of the volume, ingredients, and all the government mandated stuff, not to mention barcodes. This is where sharp distinctions become important, so the inks have to be bright and resistant to fading so you can find your favorite soap labels when you're in a hurry—and who isn't, these days?

All soap labels also have to be tough enough to stand up to moderate handling during packing, stocking, and shopping. It's when people take them home and put them to use that the different types of soap labels really diverge.

Bar-form soap labels need to make it clear what the soap contains, whether it's the gritty pumice you need to power-scrub your hands clean, or one-quarter cleansing cream to keep your mitts acceptably soft. Beyond that, though, they don't have to last much longer than it takes for you to get them home and stock the bathroom. These soap labels are intended to get tossed at point of use, so they're not designed to last too long. Hand soap labels like these are almost always made of coated paper. Soap bottle labels for liquid soap, the kind that sits on the edge of the sink with a little pump head on it and a name like "Lavender Sunshine" or "Fresh Spring Rain," can also be made of paper, though some adhesive soap bottle labels of this type are made of BOPP or a similar low-impact synthetic. Many such brands take advantage of nifty transparent soap bottle labels to bring more attention to the packaging and contents.

Body wash bottle labels are another thing altogether. Anything that goes in the shower or bath with you has to have a waterproof label, or at least a water-resistant one, so you can identify the contents or reread the directions. These custom printed soap bottle labels are usually made of synthetic materials. Just as importantly, you need long-lasting squeezable soap bottle labels for your body washes, because without squeezable soap labels, the labeling will degrade and fall off, leaving you unable to tell your shower concoctions apart. Is it shampoo, body wash, or foot cream? It's important to know.

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