Conformable (Squeeze) Labels

Quick quiz: what do hand lotion bottle labels, shampoo bottle labels, dish soap bottle labels, sunscreen bottle labels, many hand soap bottle labels, and some condiment bottle labels have in common? Answer: they're all squeezable bottle labels, which may just be one of the best inventions since sliced pizza.

For now, let's focus in on the squeezable sunscreen bottle labels, shampoo bottle labels, soap bottle labels, and hand lotion labels, all of which contain helpful goo we use on our bodies. Some cosmetic bottle labels fit in this category too, if you have to squeeze out the bottle's contents. Now obviously, custom squeezable bottle labels have to be at least somewhat flexible, so paper, as nice as it can be, just won't cut it for long-term use… unless you don't mind your hand lotion and shampoo bottle labels becoming barely readable after a few squeezes. No? We didn't think so.

If the product will be used up fairly quickly or just squeezed infrequently, semi-squeezable bottle labels may be sufficient. In this case, you're best off using a nice, conformable polypropylene film. These are especially good for custom transparent squeezable bottle labels, when you're going for that see-through look—whether so customers can color-code their personal care products, or because it makes your design So Cool. Both are valid marketing reasons in this era of crowded product shelves.

The best fully-squeezable bottle label material, however, is opaque polyolefin film, a.k.a. squeezable white film. When you need something that can last through a lot of squeezes and cope with inevitable spills and constant handling, go for the polyolefin. That big bottle of sunblock the whole family uses every weekend is probably equipped with a squeezable bottle label made from polyolefin.

Whatever semi-squeezable and squeezable bottle labels are made of, they have to stand up to oily and soapy chemicals used in their various contents, which along with moisture can knock some adhesives and inks for a loop. But we're old hands at manufacturing all types of preprinted squeezable bottle labels, so all we need from you is to know the type of product you need your labels for, along with particulars like shape, size, design, and whatnot. We'll know which materials work best together, and we'll work closely with you to produce unforgettable custom squeezable bottle labels for a remarkably low price.