Etiquette Systems is in operation during the present crisis as an essential manufacturer supplying the medical, food, and distribution industries. We will be prioritizing labels that support these industries, please inform us if your order falls into this category. COVID-19 Labels

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Ethical Veganism

veganIt was with some surprise that we learned of a British tribunal's ruling, on January 3, 2020, that ethical veganism was a philosophical lifestyle similar to religion, and as such was due all the considerations pertaining thereunto. Sounds to us like another reason to respect the natural word, as the current COVID-19 pandemic is reminding everyone. If you're wondering, ethical vegans avoid not just all animal food products, but anything that exploits animals, including honey, milk, and clothing made of wool or leather. We're glad to hear it, because this opens up many opportunities for custom label printers like us. Though ethical veganism may be difficult to maintain while COVID-19 rages, when everything settles down, new ethical vegan labels — clothing labelsfood labels, some beverage labelsand more — will no doubt hit the market, to many people's relief.

Covid-19 Food Safety Labels

Covid-19 Food Safety LabelsGiven the recent COVID-19 pandemic, one category of printed labels that has become super-important is food safety labels. This offshoot of everyday food labels was originally invented years ago to prove freshness of food products. Now it's a popular delivery service label, as it provides an extra layer of safety by ensuring that food remains untouched between the store or restaurant and home. There is no evidence of food packaging itself being associated with COVID-19, but people who tamper with your food might introduce the virus — which is why the best food safety labels are also tamper evident labels that self-destruct when opened. Our food safety labels are formulated to stick to all common food-service delivery materials, from plastics to paper.

Disinfectant Labels due to COVID-19

Disinfectant LabelsWhile most of the nation is shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone is able to stay home and completely distance themselves from other people. Necessary facilities, like restaurants, nursing homes, day-care facilities, phone centers, and medical facilities are still in business, and for safety reasons they require powerful disinfectants with easy-to-read, complete disinfectant labels that meet all federal standards while providing all the information needed to stay safe.

For large households and necessary businesses alike, disinfectants of all types are a first line of defense to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we have always produced disinfectant labels for some customers, we've recently become experts in the creation and printing of COVID-19 compliant disinfectant labels here at Etiquette Systems. So before you go with someone slower and more expensive, check with us for your disinfectant label needs. We're centrally located in Las Vegas and can have your complete custom printed labels to you in days (if not sooner!) for a price you'll appreciate.

Check Any Hand Sanitizer Label

hand sanitizer labelsThe Human Coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19, is on everyone's minds these days. Everyone's on edge given the current pandemic, during which over one million people have been infected in the U.S. alone at the time of this writing. No one expected this cousin of a normal cold virus to show up and strain our resources.

Luckily, this disease is easily guarded against by the use of social distancing, hand-washing, and hand sanitizers. Sadly, though, most stores already had brisk sales of hand sanitizers before COVID-19, and for years, our economy has been largely based on "just-in-time" deliveries —meaning most deliveries of hand sanitizers and other goods arrived just in time to keep stores from running out at the regular rate of use. With COVID-19, of course, hand sanitizer sales skyrocketed, and everybody bought a lot of it. Then there were the price-gougers who bought tens of thousands of bottles with dreams of selling them for tens of dollars each. The government shut them down quickly, but some people are still selling bottles of hand sanitizer for up to $179 per bottle on EBay.

Luckily, supply is catching up with demand. We've been printing hand sanitizer labels like crazy, focusing not just on speed but the quality information you'd expect from any good hand sanitizer label: OTC-quality Drug Facts, ingredients, directions for use, when and how to use it, and all necessary warnings. Be careful what you buy, though, especially online. Check any hand sanitizer label for all of the above to make sure it's the real deal, not just some goop concocted in someone's garage, especially if you don't buy it in a store. Remember, good hand sanitizers are some of our best weapons for defeating COVID-19 once and for all.

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