Freezer Sheet Labels to the Rescue!


Freezer Sheet Labels One of our specialties here at Etiquette Systems is freezer sheet labels, which are specialized freezer grade adhesive labels used primarily for frozen foods, though they also work fine as refrigerator labels. Not only do we make labels for freezer containers, we’ll happily tell you how to label frozen food if you don’t know already.

To make our famous freezer adhesive labels, we use top-quality materials like the best papers (coated and uncoated) and vinyl for the facestock, as well as adhesives with a high degree of stickiness that won’t deaden and fall off in cold—even in temperatures down to -60° F. Our freezer sheet labels (indeed, all our sheet labels) set the standard for the industry and are easily printed on with laser or inkjet printers. If you’d prefer us to print personalized frozen stickers, we’ll make sure the inks are rated to handle the cold, too. At extreme cold temperatures, many materials like inks simply act differently than in normal temperatures.

Another positive for our labels for frozen products is that they can also handle the moisture expected in a cold setting where the container door is opened and closed often, whether that moisture takes the form of condensation (sweating) or frost. As long as the package is clean and dry when the freezer label is applied, you can expect our freezer grade adhesive labels to keep sticking no matter how wet they get. And they won’t get mushy either, especially the coated freezer paper labels and plastic labels. On top of that, all our formats fit easily into one of the many standard frozen label templates created for laser and inkjet printing.

Sausage labels, seafood labels, pizza labels, ice cream labels, meat labels—if you need to buy freezer labels, check with us first. At Etiquette Systems, we have the freezer sheet label experience that so many of our competitors lack. Once we know your needs, we can easily match them to our stock. If you want customized freezer labels, we’ll print them in our facility on our own equipment. None of this third-party printing that adds days or weeks to your order time. Once we’ve agreed on an order and have your money, you’ll have it in your hands as soon as we can print your freezer sheet labels and overnight them to you.


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