Frozen Food Labels Make Life So Much Easier


frozen food labelsWhether you’re a packager of frozen foods or a cook who needs write on freezer labels for your home and work creations, frozen food labels are one of today’s great modern conveniences. Labels for frozen products make it easier for us to find our goodies and keep track of inventory, making sure we don’t waste food in epic proportions. There’s no reason why you can’t put a “best by” date on your own personalized frozen labels and write on freezer labels, to make sure everything gets eaten up before it goes bad. It’s only a matter of doing a little research.

And the truth is, things don’t easily go bad in a freezer. But that doesn’t mean you want to eat something old and freezer-burned. That’s what freezer stickers are for—so you don’t grab something from the bottom of the freezer that’s been there since Eminem was still popular. Oh, it may be edible. It’s a fact that some school cafeterias have served six-year-old meat to their students (we are not making this up!), assuming the kids would eat cardboard if it had enough sauce hiding it. They were right, but even school cafeterias have a use for good, well-dated frozen vegetable labels and meat labels, if they would just use them properly!

Obviously, you, as a discriminating, cosmopolitan customer, would never wait six years to eat your frozen food, even if you could. You want to have pizza labels and seafood labels that are informative and handy, and stay stuck on forever, like freezer grade adhesive labels should. That’s why you’re here to buy freezer labels, a choice we can’t help but applaud. Here at Etiquette Systems, we not only answer the perennial question of “Where can I buy freezer labels?” we’ll also show you how to label freezer food, especially how to label freezer containers, and why all that’s important.

If you’re a commercial packager, you may already know all that, but did you know that we print all our custom freezer labels right here on our own printing press, without subcontracting to third parties? That’s why we can produce your freezer labels in record time, with full confidence they’ll be of such high quality you’ll never have to worry about your customers playing freezer roulette with your goods. Our freezer sheet labels are simply the best, and we’re happy to prove it. Call or email us for a quote today!


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