The Many Uses of Freezer Stickers


freezer stickers

How do we love thee, freezer stickers? Let us count the ways…

No, no, that would be silly. Not the counting, but the poetry. Sad to say, freezer labels of any kind are not exactly poetry in motion. They’re more appropriate for poultry without motion. The frozen kind, you see. All it takes is the right freezer stickers and knowing how to label frozen food, and you’re good to go.

There are special freezer labels made to withstand the supremely chilly cold and moisture of liquid nitrogen, because it’s a really good idea to label frozen genetic materials, heads, and whole bodies that are supposed to last centuries before hopefully being revived in the far future. (Can you imagine the revival tax? A toe here, a kidney there, or that spare eye since you’ve got two?). Most freezer stickers are made for frozen foods and only have to protect to maybe 20 below zero. The best, like ours, can handle temperatures down to 60 degrees below, even colder, without giving up.

Freezer stickers make wonderful ice cream labels, pizza labels, sausage labels, meat labels, popsicle labels, meatsicle labels… though we suspect that last wouldn’t go over too well in the edibles market. But sausages are pretty much the same, right? And we make the best sausage labels ever. In fact, you never sausage labels! (Get it? Eh?)

Refrigerator labels and freezer stickers alike are a mainstay of the frozen food industry, the products of which make up a significant portion of any grocery store. Not only is cold the best way to preserve foods like meats, cheeses, and vegetables, we can’t live without our frozen sweets. Life just wouldn’t be the same. In 2015, when a Listeria outbreak closed down Blue Bell Creameries—a regional manufacturer of ice cream that’s nonetheless the fourth bestselling brand in the U.S.—the result was a widespread wailing and gnashing of teeth, mostly in the South and Southwest, as millions of consumers had to make do with store brands. Texans in particular suffered from Blue Bell withdrawals, as that’s where Blue Bell began. And not surprisingly, ice cream labels suffered a dip in sales too for the 3-5 months Blue Bell was unavailable. We’re kind of surprised people weren’t trying to sell it on eBay, like they did with Tickle-Me Elmos when they became scarce.

Clearly, freezer stickers are important, because frozen goods are important—they’re a huge part of the economy. We’re proud of our role as part of the freezer sticker provider network, and we’re very proud of our high-quality fridge and freezer labels in general Furthermore, we pledge that Etiquette Systems will never be shut down due to a Listeria outbreak. We may have to revise that promise if we ever print edible freezer labels, but until then, it’s 100% guaranteed!


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