How Tough Are YOUR Icy Ice Cream Labels?


ice cream labels If there’s one thing you know your ice cream labels are going to have to face, it’s ice. After all, it’s right there in the name. One might forgive someone for forgetting that when dealing with popsicle labels or frozen yogurt and smoothie labels, but—well, wait a minute.

You know what? It should be pretty obvious that any frozen confection, which tends to start out liquid or semi-liquid, is going to involve ice and will require the appropriate freezer labels. Anyone who can’t figure that out will soon be out of business, unless they’re the owner’s son.

But we digress. There are certain answers to the question of “Where can I buy freezer labels for my ice cream at a decent price?” that you should avoid. Office supply store? Nope. Dollar store? Uh, no. Cheesy label reseller? Probably not. Label wholesaler? Maybe.

Cryogenic freezer label manufacturer? Well… they’re fine for freezing heads for decades, but too expensive for use as ice cream labels, unless said ice cream is made with gold flakes in it (and of course, there are such confections.) Etiquette Systems? Definitely!

You know, our ice cream labels would work for gold-flake ice cream too. You could either have us print a really spiffy ice cream label complete with logo, ingredients, and the rest of that required stuff, or we could hook you up with partially printed or write on freezer labels you can sign and number like limited edition prints.

Hey, if there are people willing to spend $1,000 on a gold flake ice cream sundae (and there are), then you could be missing (ahem) a gold mine hiding in plain sight. Just slip us some cash of you use the idea. It’s copyrighted now.

Anyway, speaking of digressing, don’t forget that in order to keep your special ice cream labels attached to your gold mines, you not only have to know how to label frozen food properly, you need freezer labels that will continue to stick down to -60 degrees’ worth of cold and hold out against moisture, frozen or not.

It can’t be made of paper or plastic that crumbles or flakes away in the ice, or paper that turns to mush when it gets wet. That’s not easy, which is why you can’t depend on just any old sticker, even if it’s called a freezer sticker. Stick with someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone like, oh… us. All our sheet labels are optimized for cold, wet weather.

Ready to order? Just shoot us a quote request, and we’ll let you know how much money we’ll save you right away. And before you ask, yes, we can print on foil. But we hate to break it to you: gold foil makes really lousy freezer labels, so it’s best to stick to plastic or paper.


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