World Class Pizza Labels


pizza labelsSome historians claim that back in the days ancient Roman Empire, entrepreneurs pioneered the process of decorating a favorite type of flatbread with fruit, vegetables, meat, and goat’s cheese. People ordered them in the morning for dinner, paid for them, and they were delivered by chariot fresh and hot for the evening meal.

This sounds suspiciously familiar.

Back then, of course, no one needed freezer labels, since there were no freezers. Therefore, there was no need for pizza labels. Or at least, no one had invented a self-adhesive label, frozen or otherwise yet. Except maybe in Atlantis, if you believe the ancient Greeks the Romans revered. The world may never know for sure on that one.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that we discovered how to label frozen food again, and started asking themselves, “Now, where can I buy freezer labels?” Shortly after Clarence Birdseye had his epiphany with frozen fish in 1913 and invented frozen foods in the mid-1920s (see our other Freezer Label blogs), suddenly you could get frozen food labels. Pizza lovers everywhere sighed in relief, because now manufacturers would have pizza labels for everyone’s new favorite frozen food, and we could all label the leftovers easily before tossing them in the freezer. Then, when Tupperware came along, w learned how to label freezer containers and apply freezer bag labels, and all was right with the world for a while. A least insofar as frozen food labels were concerned.

Freezer adhesive labels come in two generalized types that impact their use as pizza labels. First is the huge market for frozen pizza manufacturers, and those who produce “pizza shells” like Boboli, which we consider to also require pizza labels. Sausage labels became important to pizza lovers, too because sausage pizza is great, and frozen vegetable labels, pepperoni and other meat labels, refrigerator labels for stuff like pineapple, and cheese labels all contributed to the renaissance of pizza, including the homemade kind. Those who make their own pizzas also need blank pizza labels: not just write-on freezer labels, but frozen printable food labels for printing with frozen label templates on your home printer, too. Just because you can.

Luckily, we can provide every type of pizza label you can imagine at Etiquette Systems. We print everything in-house, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a reseller who just shuffles your freezer labels order to a third party, delaying their arrival. All our frozen food labels are made from quality materials, specially made to handle the home and commercial freezer environment, sticking no matter how cold or moist it gets. Why should you buy freezer labels from anyone else? Beats us!


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