Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Labels On Demand


smoothie labelsWhenever summer rolls around, frozen yogurt and smoothie labels become increasingly important. More and more people reach for the ice cream freezers in their stores, or order smoothies from the barista… but will they be asking for your products?

One way to make sure they do is to ensure that your frozen yogurt and smoothie labels do their jobs and figuratively get in the consumer’s face, so they prefer your goodies over the competition’s.

Bright colors, a nifty logo, and instant recognition are important for any frozen food labels, but they’re crucial for frozen yogurt and smoothie labels—especially the frozen yogurt labels, since, like ice cream labels, there are so many brands crammed into small retail spaces.

Worse, some manufacturers are shameless about making their freezer food labels look just like other brands’. They count on people getting in a hurry and not taking a close look before they grab.

We recommend you be careful there, because any business willing to do that is likely a business also willing to skimp on their frozen yogurt and smoothie labels. This is bad not just for consumers but for vendors, since both frozen yogurt and smoothie labels face a surprising amount of moisture over their lifespans.

Frozen yogurt and similar products tend to be placed in open coolers or refrigerators that get opened many times a day, resulting in the introduction of lots of moisture and the quick build-up of frost. The result can be damaged labels that become difficult to read and began to peel off the package.

smoothie labelsSmoothie labels face a similar problem, in that they’re often stuck on cups that are then filled with delicious icy fruit sludge, inviting liquid condensation. We’ve all seen it at Starbucks, haven’t we? If you’re lucky, that’s a write on freezer label stuck on your cup, one that can resist all the moisture.

But it just might be a cheapie freezer label where the ink runs, obliterating your name before you can get there, or that may even get all mushy or fall off. Then what? Can you even be sure it’s your item?

What if someone else gets it and you can’t prove it’s yours? It might not be the end of the world, but it’ll definitely be one more straw laid across the camel’s back.

Clearly, decent frozen yogurt and smoothie labels are important. If you’re a manufacturer, make sure your freezer stickers of all kinds can stand up to any conditions they face, lest you end up with irate customers fighting over poorly labeled smoothies and yogurt.


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